Industrial Water Consumption

Irrigation and river diversion for industrial use

Experts warn water research could be hindered

EDMONTON - Water research in Alberta was dealt a blow this week when an important institute received news its work will now be directed by a board with energy industry priorities, water experts say.

The experts fear this means some basic research about the health, maintenance and reclamation of wetlands, rivers, lakes and watersheds won’t get done.

The Alberta Water Research Institute is headed by Lorne Taylor, a former Conservative environment minister. Taylor, who spearheaded the province’s Water for Life strategy, built the institute into a highly regarded organization that garnered praise for its independent international panel.

He was too upset Wednesday to talk about what was happening.

But several highly regarded water experts who sit on the institute’s advisory boards didn’t mince words.... Read more »

Nuclear Threats to the Great Lakes and Transition to Clean Safe Energy – International Roundtable

Saturday, May 14, 9AM - 5 PM   Henry Ford Community College
Society of Mechanical Engineers (SME) Bldg.
5101 Evergreen Rd. Dearborn, MI – First entrance south of Ford Rd.

To mapquest directions, the address of the SME Building is: 1 Sme Drive, Dearborn, MI 48121
General directions to the campus are available here (scroll down page):

Scheduled speakers:
Dr. Gordon Edwards - President of the Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility - to address the radioactive contamination of the Earth and its Waters - accidental or deliberate?... Read more »

How to Kill a Heritage River

View full article and comments:

When John Beaton first heard about Opti-Nexen's proposals to withdraw 17,000 cubic meters of water a day from the fabled Clearwater River last year, the oil sands mechanic just shook his head.

"That's a Heritage River. The government will never allow it," thought the 41-year-old Fort McMurray resident. Beaton and his wife even signed a petition against the scheme along with nearly 2,000 other residents.

To the Beatons and their two daughters Alysa and Kaela the river is one of the region's greatest treasures and best kept secrets. During the summer folks simply drive downtown, put in their boats and within minutes quickly enter "a whole another world."... Read more »

Water rights could be up for sale, group says

As people around the globe celebrated World Water Day March 22 — which advocates for the sustainable management of freshwater resources — residents and environmental organizations in Alberta are concerned the provincial government may be heading towards a water market system.

“No longer will water be for the public good,” said Kevin Force, water educator with the Sierra Club.

“It will become private property.”

However, a spokeswoman for Alberta Environment said concerns are unsubstantiated.

“The government has no intention to privatize or sell our water,” said Carrie Sancartier.

At a March 15 presentation in Calgary, Force said a review announced by the province in 2008 is presently considering changes to the current water allocation system in Alberta.... Read more »

Edmonton filmmaker addresses precious water resources

EDMONTON - David Lavallee spent 15 years guiding hikes in the Columbia Icefields but didn’t give much thought to what happened to the water that melted off the glaciers.

Then one day he was standing on the Athabasca glacier with glaciologist Shawn Marshall. Marshall talked about how the river ran to the tarsands where a huge amount of the water was used by the industry and ended up in toxic tailings ponds, which were growing exponentially.

“I was like, ‘hmm, interesting. How come I don’t know anything about this?’ I was born and raised in Edmonton. I’d always heard about the oilsands as a kid, but they were just this small project up there. Now all of a sudden they just completely took off and now we’re the caretakers of the second biggest deposit of oil on the planet.”... Read more »

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