Forests and Biodiversity

Harper and the Big Oil Party of Canada

Where will you be and what will you be doing when the first giant oil tanker (there will be two every three days), carrying over 200,000 gallons of tar sands goop diluted with solvent, spills its load into the pristine waters of the northern B.C. coast?

We often remember catastrophic events by recalling exactly what we were doing and where we were when we first heard the news, I guess because they were so unthinkable they brought us to a halt, emotionally and psychologically— time stopped. I was driving down a street in Waterloo, Ont., when I heard the news of the Montreal Massacre, and I can still vividly recall my stomach turning as disbelief turned to revulsion. I will never forget that moment. And you will never forget the oil spill moment, if we let it happen.... Read more »

Scientists call for protection of Clayoquot Sound forests

B.C. scientists are among more than 133 experts from across North America joining the call for permanent protection of old-growth rainforests in Clayoquot Sound.

All have signed a declaration supporting the measure, which stands against a recent application to the provincial government by the logging company Iisaak to cut old-growth areas on the sound's Flores Island. The company is a First Nations-led concern that espouses forestry practised in concert with ecological and cultural values.

According to Sierra Club B.C., only 21 of 282 rainforest watersheds on Vancouver Island remain unlogged. Seven of the 21 do not have permanent protection, including five in the Clayoquot area.

... Read more »

Help Save Alberta’s Woodland Caribou

UPDATE: Thanks for howling with the wolves!

Dear Friend,

At Sierra Club Canada, we’ve been working to protect the woodland caribou for over a decade – but a recent decision by the Alberta government is a bad one for the endangered caribou. We were shocked to learn the Alberta government is being pressured by Big Oil and logging companies to NOT recognize its woodland caribou as endangered.

Alberta’s woodland caribou population is in rapid decline due to widespread habitat destruction in the Tar Sands region. Sadly, scientists estimate that in some herds there are less than 200 animals remaining and, in a new report, they recommend listing them as endangered.... Read more »

World sacred forests mapped out

A team of scientists from the University of Oxford are working on a world map which shows all the land owned or revered by various world religions. This "holy map" will display all the sacred sites from Jerusalem's Western Wall, to Masjid al-Haram in Mecca, to St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City.

Just as interesting, the map will also show the great forests held sacred by various religions. Within these protected lands dwell a wide variety of life and high numbers of threatened species.The sacred land mapped out by the Oxford researchers is not necessarily owned by a certain religious community, but rather contains sacred connotations.

They estimate that about fifteen percent of all land on Earth is "sacred land", and eight percent of all land is owned by a religious community. Much of the land held sacred is forest.... Read more »

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