SCO's Christine Elwell receives the International - Raymond J. Sherwin Award!

Christine Elwell, a member of Sierra Club Ontario's Executive Committee and a longtime volunteer with Sierra Club has been awarded the International - Raymond J. Sherwin Award. This award "honors extraordinary volunteer service toward international conservation."

Ms. Elwell has been an active international and local volunteer for the Club since 2005 starting out with the Great Lakes and moving on to the United States-Canada International Committee and now the International Team.

"How wonderful to receive notice today of being awarded the Raymond J. Sherwin International Award. I have learned so much, especially about the strength of the international and in particular binational community working together. We are also thrilled to announce that we have just received funding to intervene in Cameco's application to expand the world's largest uranium mine.  Our sights are on engaging the Arctic Council to call for an environmental Impact assessment."

Among those who wrote letters in support of Ms Elwell's nomination was Elizabeth May, leader of the Green Party of Canada:

I have worked with Christine for nearly two decades. She is dedicated, smart as a whip and committed to international conservation. As Executive Director of Sierra Club of Canada, I was overjoyed when she decided to become a part of our Sierra Club family. As a lawyer, she was indispensable in analyzing the environmental impacts of Canada’s entrance into NAFTA. She was my right arm when it came to trade deals, the menace of globalization and providing well-researched analysis of the nexus between trade and environment.
Her dedication extended to the essential work in governance and coordination in the complex relationship between Sierra Club in Canada and the US. Together, the Sierra Clubs in both our nations were able to be massively effective, in protecting the Great Lakes, in protecting the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge among many other successful campaigns.
All of this work benefited from Christine’s energy, commitment and extraordinary work for international conservation.

In her nomination, Richard Cellarius (PhD., International Vice President - Organizational Relations, Sierra Club), said the following of Ms. Elwell:

Christine was a dedicated member of the US-Canada International Committee for most of its existence and served at least two terms as chair.  She has also contributed to the discussions of the global warming/FICC listserves, and served as the primary liaison between Sierra Club Canada and Sierra Club (US) on multiple issues, including Tar Sands.  She was also instrumental in connecting US and Canadian Great Lakes activists and successfully worked to resolve some position of differences between the two countries.  Her efforts resulted in the formation of the joint Binational Great Lakes Committee as a subcommittee of the UCIC; the Great Lakes Committee continues to be active today as an independent Activist Network Team. She has also been involved with trade issues working with the trade campaign. Even with the demise of the US-Canada International Committee, she continues as an important contact between the two countries and continues as a member of the International Team.

Sierra Club Ontario congratulates Christine Elwell on her achievement and we are happy to have her as an active member of our team!

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